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p.o.r.n. (portrait of restless narcissism)


BY Christian Lapointe & Nadia Ross

NOV 19 - 21
Nadia Ross and Christian Lapointe, both known for their artistic visions and unique creations, have created a searing portrait of the objectification and commodification of our contemporary relationships. This production uses the digital tools available online to create a live split-screen, behind which two isolated protagonists sit like VJs at their stations, running the show. Through instant messages, images, texts, emoticons, videos and music they meet online, interact, then hook up. In an intricate ballet of reality and fiction, the pair reach porn’s dead end in isolation.

Like Narcissus mesmerized by Pandora’s box, Lapointe and Ross, using the structures of both narrative and performative theatre, creates a world where every click that they make, in this developing online relationship, is an attempt to unfold the contemporary portrait of who we are: scavengers of the transactional realm of the World Wide Web, exposing the circular mechanisms of pornography: frustration – masturbation – relief as well as the browsing – stealing – appropriating process of the dominant behaviour system.


  • LOCATION: Berkeley Street Upstairs Theatre (26 Berkeley St.)
  • Audience Advisory: This production is intended for adults only, ages 18+. Patrons under 18 will not be admitted. Trigger warning: graphic content.
  • Please Note: The Berkeley Street Upstairs Theatre is not an accessible venue. Our Front of House Staff will do all they can to assist patrons, but a staircase is required to access all seating. Please contact the box office if you have any accessibility questions.

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